Marijuana Tourism on the Rise All Over the World

When one mentions marijuana tourism, the first thought is typically focused on the Netherlands and Amsterdam. That country and its capital city are known as the hotspot for all those tourists who want to explore recreational cannabis consumption in a legal way. Marijuana is not forbidden in the Netherlands for decades, and you can buy it just like you buy a bear or tobacco in some other country.

There are many bars where you can freely consume marijuana without any worries. That’s a truly remarkable experience for all curious tourists. Millions of people from different corners of the Earth have traveled to the Netherlands to check this opportunity for themselves. In the mid-time, various scientific research reports have proved different positive benefits marijuana provides to the consumer’s health. This plant can reduce pain, help against stress, anxiety, depression, and even help patients to fight more successfully some of the most serious illnesses such as diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, and even different types of cancer.

Ongoing Legal Battle and Law Updates

These researches have been a trigger from many other countries and jurisdictions to allow free consumption of this plant. Some have done it entirely while fully legalizing the use of cannabis. Others allowed just use for the medical purpose, while the last group still entirely forbids the consumption and possession of this plant. That also enables marijuana tourism to move to the next level and develop into something more serious.

Cannabis is forbidden in the United States of America by federal law, and possession and consumption of this plant are considered illegal by the same. However, there are some states in this country with totally opposite laws, and you can consume marijuana within these jurisdictions despite the prohibition on the federal level. California, for example, is one of those states. Marijuana is fully legalized in that territory, and you can use it both for recreational or medical purposes, respectively.

Recreational Marijuana Dispensary in California

For instance, you can find a recreational Marijuana dispensary business in California, where you can buy top-notch products and consume marijuana in a safe and comfortable way. You do not need to suffer from any health problem, it is enough to be willing to try this plant, and you can do that at such a place. There are also medical dispensaries in the same jurisdictions for patients with different health problems. This information is interesting for all marijuana tourists because the Netherlands has serious competition in the past several years. California is well-known as an attractive tourist destination, but with legal marijuana, it is even better than before.

The Other States with Fully Legal Cannabis

There are also other top-tour cannabis destinations within the United States. One of these is Michigan, for example. This state on the border with Canada has so much to offer when it comes to terms of tourism. Legal marijuana is also on the list of things you can perform while on the trip. But if you decide to visit Wisconsin, you have to forget cannabis because this plant is illegal within those jurisdictions. Both states are part of the United States, but the laws on this matter are completely different from each other.

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