Feed the hunger at Birmingham Restaurants

Birmingham was known to be the power house of the industrial revolution that swept England. It was called as the “the workshop of the world” and the “city of a thousand trades”. The town rode on the wave of the industrial revolution due to its strong market for agricultural products. The fact is supported by the Royal charter of 1166. The glorious industrial leadership is a thing of the past for the second most populated metropolis of England.

However, the town still retains the biggest wholesale food market in the country. The local market serves a huge area within a radius of 100 miles. The fish, meat, vegetables, and fruits are supplied to these distant places.

Birmingham has a rich heritage of culinary skills and the Brummies are born food enthusiasts. The history of the booming metropolis also vouches for the tradition. The Wing Yip food empire was founded in the city in 1969. Starting from a humble beginning then, the food giant now has an annual turn over of more than eighty million Pounds and employs more than three hundred staff throughout the UK. The famous curry, “Balti” was invented in the town.

The world-renowned brand names such as the “Bird’s Custard”, “Cadbury’s Chocolate”, “HP sauce” and “Typhoo Tea” have their origin rooted in the town.

It is no wonder that the Birmingham restaurants are expanding their business in the locality and are doing roaring business. The chefs are delighted to dazzle their patrons with new dishes and tantalizing meals. It seems the foodies of the metropolis are delighted and are asking for more. The restaurant, Birmingham is offering the ethnic dishes from across the globe to satisfy the taste buds of their clientele. The Indian, Chinese, Thai, Italian and French restaurants serving mouth-watering treats are the common sights on the streets of the metropolis.

The three notable restaurants, Birmingham are the “Purnell’s”, “Simpson’s” and the “Turner’s”. These eateries are the proud recipients of the Michelin stars. Birmingham is the only city other than London, in England that has the Michelin starred restaurants. The Michelin stars are the prestigious awards that are presented to certain restaurants in Europe; in recognition to their exceptional food and service. The Victorian bars and pubs are still present in the town.

The laid back atmosphere of the places is a great ambiance to recollect the bygone era. The Aston Manor Brewery in the city is the largest one and has a great reputation among the locals for the finest liquors. La Bastille is one of the most distinguished food joints amidst Birmingham restaurants.

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