10 Great Tips to Get Better at Whiteboard Presentations

1. Transfer Fabric

It is possible to transfer or pan round the canvas by keeping the remaining mouse option and dragging the canvas. On feel gadgets, it is possible to drag it employing a single finger too. An additional way to achieve the exact same outcome is by holding the CTRL key and dragging the mouse while keeping the switch pressed.

2. Choose Person OBJECT

What you add on the whiteboard may be selected. For that, either select the subject together with your mouse or tap on it. On the other hand, utilize the Tab important on your own keyboard to select and shift in between the objects. Always keep pressing it until your desired subject is selected. The light blue dotted facial lines recognize the selected subject.

3. SELECT Numerous Things

To choose multiple objects, you should consider the aid of the Lasso Select tool. It’s either available directly in the bottom bar (pen backed gadgets) or beneath the pen icon (non-pen products). Click the tool to trigger it.

Suggestion: Lasso Choose can also be used to pick personal objects.

Once activated, pull a closed physique around the content that you might want to choose. You are able to attract it in rounded form or sq/rectangle making use of yourfingertips and pen, or mouse. You will notice all the articles in the container is picked. As soon as grouped, you can move or eliminate them together.


All items provide additional features which are accessible off their specific toolbar. To start it, choose the item, and the toolbar will show up. Additionally, proper-click the subject or anywhere around the fabric.

5. RESIZE Items

All the items are resizable — be it a sketching,textual content and images, or tables. To accomplish this, select the subject possibly using Lasso Choose Instrument or by clicking/tapping on it. Then simply click/faucet around the small icon in the bottom-right corner and drag your mouse to increase or reduce the dimension. On the other hand, utilize the pinch motion with two fingertips to expand or agreement the subject.

6. DELETE Item

The eraser device workable to get rid of drawings made employing a pen. For other objects, you have to use the remove option. For the, pick the subject very first, then strike the delete icon on the toolbar or push the Eliminate key on the keyboard.


Rather than eliminating objects individually on a single canvas, you can clear it completely using the provided switch. For the, double-select the eraser icon in the bottom nightclub and hit the Clear fabric choice. On the other hand, faucet or click on the three-nightclub icon at the very top and select Clear Fabric.

8. ZOOM Fabric

On touch gadgets, use inch-inside and out motion (two fingertips) to zoom in/out of the fabric. Alternatively, scroll making use of the center wheel button in the mouse.


Because the whiteboard is unlimited, anybody can only look at the location that suits the exhibit you are making use of. Thankfully, if you want to view the whole whiteboard or get yourself a bird’s eyesight look at your whiteboard, all that you should do is double-tap or simply click a blank area in the whiteboard. Performing which will zoom your whiteboard. You may also zoom out using the techniques mentioned within the above suggestion to get the total view.


What great is really a drawing app if it doesn’t enable you to modify the thickness and colors of the marker? Fortunately, that can be done that right here. Increase-simply click or faucet on any of the pens to show the choices. Make use of the dots to pick the pen dimensions and choose any shade from the readily available palette.

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