Trapper’s Sushi

One word comes to mind when you enter this joint it’s their Classic “Trapper Sushi Roll” that is a cooked crystal shrimp long roll with scallop, salad, dressing and to top it all of a burst of tobiko (flying fish roe). The perfect layering of texture and flavors for under $10 is a steal.

Another great deal to be had eating here is their all you can eat lunches starting at 17.95, but on Thursdays, they’re $14.95, and at night it’s $26.95 but on Tuesday nights it’s $19.95. They give you an incentive to come in on those slow days and get a bargain on good food that you would preferably pay any other day for less.

Trapper’s Sushi is really up there when it comes to Puyallup Asian Restaurants, so what are you waiting for grab a bite today.

Fish wrapped around in sea weed with a few portions of rice is always a welcomed treat for seafood lovers and carnivores alike. In Sushi World who boasts an ALL YOU CAN EAT Lunches promo at $11.95 per person is not a bad value for your money. T

hey are now under new management meaning their staff is friendlier and faster than ever. Don’t let their past reviews fool you they have come far to revive their name and brand. So if you’re looking for a place to crash while having some pieces of the ocean stuffed in your mouth Sushi World is just for you. Also on your way out grab a bento box of your choosing.

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