The myth of the cronut and the value of scarcity!

All of you probably know the famous Dominique Ansel and his cronut which I would say is the World’s most mythical pastry as well as the greatest marketing success of all times! Let’s see why!…

The cronut is something people dream off, it is hidden behind a queue of 400 people each morning, it is something that only a few get, you also have to buy it three weeks before on the internet when the pre-orders open, the whole quantity is sold in less than a few minutes and you still have to get it at the bakery and make the queue!

All of this is part of cronut’s myth, part of the overall experience, part of the story and strangely it doesn’t discourage people of attempting to get it! Strangely, people don’t fear the process of getting it as it becomes a kind of achievement to get it so people even ask for more and that’s good!

Ferran Adria forced scarcity when he decided to open El Bulli only 6 months a year and only for dinner. When he announced he’ll close the restaurant the demand only increased! Everyone wanted to experience it once last time! There is however a difference compared to the cronut of Dominique Ansel.

Everyone can buy a cronut, and he has the street with him! I mean by that people need to wait outside to get their cronut so everyone can see the queue and think these people who are waiting are just crazy and on the other hand everyone can do it and this is the experience of the cronut! People are proud to wait 3 hours in the cold for a pastry because it is a cronut!

From my point of view, the best example of the cronut‘s power and engagement is the queue of 400 people and what’s amazing is that we now even can find the term cronut like line! Dominique Ansel creates something more than a pastry and I admire the way he built value on this product!

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